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Electronic duo from Malta
Tonio Pace (Dj Mozzer) with Reverb the Indie/Alternative Radio Show on All Rock digital radio (DAB +)
On Air - Sundays @ 17:00;
Mondays (rpt) @ 22:00 & Fridays (rpt) @ 11:00 am.
Listen Live
The Venue for alternative events
London's No 1 New Wave Club
The British Depeche Mode Fan Site
They love synths and do Depeche Mode parties and they are international!!!
The 80s Up to Date
Hades Events is another Maltese alternative Music organization, which promotes Goth, Industrial, EBM and other genres of underground Rock & Electronic Music.
Malta art music entertainment events -
Gorygoth Malta's link to gothic Fashion.
Undead Dark Club - The No 1 New Wave & Gothic Club in Barcelona
The 80's Show/Web site and The 80's Party

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Malta -
a Facebook page an off-shoot to Nuwavemalta for the Gothics in Malta.
Malta Moders -The Maltese Depeche Mode Fan Group on Facebook